Brief Targeted Therapy
on Orcas Island
Michael Elder, MFT
Certified Trauma Specialist


There are three types of groups I offer to the public:

All three groups have in common that participants are guided through self-exploration with minimal sharing within the group. Each is a way to enhance self-management and can be used as a way to learn a practice to take into your daily life.

iRest is the most passive, involving only the physical effort of holding still.

Formative class involves varying the degree of muscular tone in a target posture with little or no skeletal movement.

Resource Development, an EMDR technique, involves alternate tapping of your own shoulders or knees.

Participants are encouraged to adopt any comfortable posture, including lying on the floor, during these groups.

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List of Upcoming Group Sessions

Nap Time for Yogis Schedule
Sundays, 4:00PM-5:30PM at the Yurt, 50 Lakshmi Road, Olga, on Orcas Island, Jan. 24th thru April 17th (no class on Valentine's Day)