Brief Targeted Therapy
on Orcas Island
Michael Elder, MFT
Certified Trauma Specialist


You don't need a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnosis to be working at less than your peak effectiveness.

Most people have painful memories and difficulties in their lives. You get past them and you move on, but the effects linger and weigh you down. I have seen promising businesses slowly die after a trauma affecting the key staff. I have also seen businesses recover after addressing the trauma.

Clearing these memories of their painful emotional content allows you to address what is in front of you today, using the lessons learned from the past, rather than inappropriately responding to the present as though it is the past.

I moved to Orcas Island because of the kayaking. I can work with fear, anxiety, patience, confidence, responsiveness, relationship, and intimacy in the context of paddling. If you are interested in using your paddling time as healing and personal growth time, we can identify how the patterns you want to change show up in your paddling and design healing/self-improvement exercises to shift those patterns.