Brief Targeted Therapy
on Orcas Island
Michael Elder, MFT
Certified Trauma Specialist


I have worked with veterans of conflicts from WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan and am familiar with many of the combat and command issues that make certain memories hard to get past. Both EMDR and iRest are approved by both the VA and active services for treatment of PTSD. A PTSD diagnosis is not required to benefit from this treatment. PTSD is a label given to a certain combination of symptoms following an unusually intense incident and is a somewhat arbitrary definition (according to Bessel van der Kolk, who coined the term).

While many find it useful or comfortable to report some details of the difficult memories, it is not necessary for me to know any part of your service record in order to help you. In theory, I could help you resolve the memory of a top secret mission without you revealing anything that could remotely identify the mission or its security level. I am a Give An Hour clinician available for free treatment to active service members, veterans, and family members affected by the military experiences of active or veteran warriors.